famdomsaretheshit asked: Hey there my fellow blogger!!! I just wanted to say i hope you are having a good day today, and if not im here to make it better! I want to say you ARE an amazing person no matter who says different, you are individual in all the right ways! I love you, stay amazing and positive! Oh i almost for got, here have a cookie, you deserve it you sassy thing 🍪. Hopefully you have a wonderful week! One of your followers ~fandomsaretheshit

I love cookies! Thanks darling I shall split my cookie in half and we can share :3 I’ve been completely neglecting this blog so maybe I’ll start up again :P <3

I got no Internet for about a week because I moved into a new apartment for school! So I’m sorry if I don’t update! But patience is necessary! I promise I will as soon as I have Internet again! <3 love u guys thank you for all you lovely followers! New and old

Sorry peeps I’m out if the country until the weekend!


Anonymous asked: is it wierd that dan literally causes me pain because i want him so bad?

Dude I have dreams about him practically every night lol I don’t think it’s weird to want him that badly ! :P

cute face &lt;3

cute face <3

I don’t know who they belong to or where they came from. I just find them floating around the internet.

I haven’t gotten any of these pictures off of tumblr I’ve just found them on google or other sites

You guys need to realize that once your photo is out there it’s out there for anyone to use and look at. I have said that these pictures are not mine unless said so. So if you would like me to take a photo down or put your name on it I would be more then happy to do so. I’ve had pictures taken from me so I know it sucks but I understand that I put it out there for anyone to use.